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Life is full of transitions. Each one is the turning of a page to the next chapter in your personal storybook. When you’re nearing or already in retirement, the book is full of unique stories and lessons. There are more chapters yet to be written, with enriching years yet to live and choices to be made.

One of the biggest decisions to make in your senior years is where to call home. To make this decision, you'll want to consider many factors including accessibility to churches, public transportation, healthcare, shopping and recreational facilities. Just as important is a supportive and nurturing community that will meet your spiritual, emotional and social needs. You will find all of this and more at The Gardens!

The Gardens is a 130-unit life lease apartment building in the heart of mature South Burlington. A caring community, the care and respect for each individual is rooted in the belief that each person is unique. As a result, The Gardens residents participate in and are surrounded by people who value each other.

With a strong focus on quality of life, accommodations are spacious, bright and fully accessible, should physical limitations or mobility issues affect you now or in the future. Ultimately, The Gardens anticipates offering assisted living services to provide a continuum of care in one location. As Baby Boomers age and live longer, The Gardens will provide an aging-in-place option that seniors will be happy to call home.


Our History

Continuing what began next door at Maranatha Homes over 35 years ago, our mission at The Gardens is to build a quality senior living community. We are a not-for-profit organization.

With the opening of The Gardens in 2018, we are able to provide that continuum of care in one location while offering residents the valued ability to hold “interest” property. Life Lease owners can have peace of mind knowing they can remain in their home even if their medical or health care needs increase in the future.

The Gardens is registered with the Provincial Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations as Maranatha Gardens, Residence and Senior Care, the owner of the life lease development.

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Meet the Board of Directors & Staff

  • John-Glasbergen

    John Glasbergen

  • Leo-Kampen

    Leo Kampen

    Vice Chair

  • Ruth-Palmateer

    Ruth Palmateer


  • Walter-Kloostra

    Walter Kloostra


  • Trish Hutten

    Trish Hutten


  • John-Dekker

    John Dekker


  • Kirk-Weaver

    Kirk Weaver

    Executive Director