Action on site

December 14, 2015

Many of you attended our celebration on November 28th.  This marked the start of excavation.  A very important milestone for all of us.  The back hoe was on site that day.  Below you can see the machine in action.


We are very appreciative of the mild and dry December weather.  As you may have seen if you have stopped by the site recently, the first eight feet of soil are being removed very quickly.  The excavator will soon be at the west end of the property.

Additionally, the sanitary sewer and the water main hook ups have been completed.  In the last two weeks, those that live close by may have seen the big holes in the middle of the road at the intersection of Cumberland and New Street.  That was us!!

Our next step is to dig out close to the property line with Maranatha Homes.  To do this we will need to fence off a number of parking spots that are currently used by Maranatha Homes residents. We have made arrangements for temporary parking using a portion of Gary Allan School parking lot.  We will build an access driveway on the south side of Maranatha Homes.

The shoring permit is ready to be issued.  When this work starts you will see a different type of activity on site.  You will see earth drilling, concrete pouring and installation of steel.  The caisson wall will be built down to the bedrock around the entire foundation.   With this in place we will then continue to remove soil down to the second parking level.

Construction of the caisson wall and removing the soil down to the bedrock will take between 4 and 5 months.  Then we can begin pouring concrete for the garage foundations.  We are on schedule for occupancy on the spring of 2017.