How Efficient of Us!

February 19, 2019

On January 25th, 2019 Union Gas presented us with an incentive rebate of $158,577. The funds were used to support the installation of energy efficient equipment during the construction of Phase 1 of our project. The equipment is expected to achieve a savings of $17,000 a year. Similar equipment will be installed in Phase 2 of the project expected to begin construction soon.

union gas cheque presentation

The Structure is Complete

July 20, 2017

For those who have recently passed by, the project is closer to completion each day.  It’s an exciting time to watch the structure go up.  The concrete roof slab was poured in the last week of June.  So the building is now at its full height.

Construction Schedule

The building is progressing on schedule.  Stone work is almost complete.  Window frames, brick work and roofing will be starting very shortly.

The first move-ins will begin in mid-March 2018.  Specific dates will be selected by purchasers in the order in which they purchased.

Storage Lockers and Parking Spots

The selection of storage lockers and parking spots will also occur closer to the move-in date.  Selection will be made by purchasers in the order in which they purchased.

Please be aware that three parking spots on P1 level and two parking spots on P2 level close to the elevator lobby are designed to accommodate handicap equipped vehicles, such as vans with wheelchair lifts.  Therefore, these will be saved for residents with such vehicles.

You may also have noticed that P1 parking and P2 parking each have a separate vehicle entry door.  This means you do not have to drive down through the P1 level to get to the P2 level.

Request for Donations

We are still looking for donations to the community to help create homey common areas.  As you may be preparing to downsize please think of us.   Some of the things we are looking for are – musical instruments (eg: piano and grand piano), books for the library, jigsaw puzzles, board games, computer, tools for the wood shop and craft room, exercise equipment.  Realizing that there are 84 residents coming to live at the Gardens, we cannot accept every donation.  Please send an email with a photo attached of items you wish to donate to We will create a data base of potential donations from your emails.  All potential donations will be reviewed by a Donation Review Committee.  They will look for quality as well as our capacity to accept numerous items.  In the case of operating equipment, safe operation will be a governing factor.

January Meeting    

We are planning a meeting of all residents in January 2018 to get to know each other a bit better and discuss some of the details on building an active community.

Construction Progress

We have included a few recent photos of construction activity below.


Staging for stone, block and brick work started in May with the arrival of the mortar silo.

The sample wall showing stonework, banding and brickwork was approved by the Architect in May.

Clear weather gives a nice view of Lake Ontario from the sixth floor.

The electrical distribution panel on the third floor provides a glimpse of the complexity of the systems in an 84 unit building.

Stone work at the north-west corner.

Monday, June 26 – a major milestone, the last big concrete pour; the roof slab.

When you are out side enjoying the summer months, please stop by our Sales Office.


Building and Community

April 12, 2017

We hope you are enjoying the new flowers and return of song birds as spring unfolds.  There has been a lot of activity at the Gardens over the last few months.

January Meeting with the Thrive Group     

We were very pleased to see so many of you at the meeting on January 31st at Maranatha Homes.  The report completed by the Thrive Group on the resident survey and the focus group discussion assisted all of us in having a better understanding of the community that is becoming the Gardens.

In brief:

  1. There is a wide variety of interests – physical exercise, art, crafts, woodworking, library etc.
  2. There is a strong volunteer base – many expressed interest in helping to organize things
  3. Most people will continue with a high level of independence – only a few are asking about housekeeping, meal services or medical professionals
  4. The café will be very busy

In response, the Board of Directors has created an Operations Committee to review all of this information and make recommendations for resident committee structures and staffing.

Cabinetry and Flooring Selection

As construction continues, we are now at the stage for selecting your cabinets and flooring.  There are a few steps to this process that are initiated by the purchasers.  Details are available in the newsletter you have received or at the sales office.

Construction Schedule

We have a firm completion date in February.  Therefore, we are announcing the first move-ins will begin in mid-March 2018.  Specific dates will be selected by purchasers in the order in which they purchased.  We are planning a maximum of two move-ins per day.  We will continue to push ahead with construction.

Storage Lockers

As we look forward to moving in, you will be pleased to know that one of the design revisions we have made is to increase the number of storage lockers.  Originally, we had fewer lockers than we did apartment suites and there was a monthly rental fee attached to each locker.  We are now pleased to announce that we have one locker for each suite and that there will be no charge for your storage locker.

Construction Progress

Below are photos from the week of April 3rd:


1. Second floor walls are in place


2. The elevator shaft and one of the stair wells are poured from the third to the fourth floor.


3. Drywall studs on the main floor show the hallway and the suites on the south side are taking shape.


4. The interior work for water main hook up is complete.


5. Air handling units for the garage are hooked up.


Come and see us at the Sales Office when you are out enjoying springtime.


Underground Parking is Completed

October 31, 2016

We hope you have enjoyed the wonderful autumn weather and the tremendous display of fall colours.

We were very pleased to see many new potential neighbours at our Open House on October 15th.  During the summer months we have made great progress on the construction.  Both parking levels are now complete.  The ground floor will take a little longer to prepare because of all the services on the ground floor level.  These are the items that take time to install but are almost invisible – electrical conduit, floor drains and washroom drains, sleeves for sanitary and storm sewers from the floors above as well as anchor bolts and all the reinforcing steel.  Construction activity continues on schedule.

Below are a few of the pictures showing construction activity over the last few months.


1.  August 12 – Finishing the floor in the west locker room P2 level.



2.  August 26 – The ramp to the lower (P2) parking level.



3.  September 9 – The last excavation for drains in the north west corner was a bit tedious because only small machines could be used. The ramp to P2 can be seen in the background.



4.  September 30 – The same picture with the P2 slab now complete and the walls in place.



5.  October 7 – No-shrink concrete for the external stair sub base is being poured outside the caisson wall. The caisson wall is doing its job of keeping the ground water at bay. One of the tie backs is visible coming out of the water and through the   Our updates back in January and April showed the caisson wall being built.



6.  October 7 – Preparing for the upper (P1) parking level – reinforcing steel and electrical work. The walls supporting the ground level floor are seen in the background to the left.



7.  October 14 – Concrete finishing of P1 goes into the night hours.



8.  October 21 – Looking at the south wall the openings for car entrances for P2 (foreground) and P1 (the pair of single doors) are easily seen.



We are always pleased to see you at the sales office.  Feel free to bring along a friend.

Construction Progresses with the Pouring of Concrete at the Garage Level

August 5, 2016

We hope you are enjoying the nice summer weather with family and friends.

We were very pleased to see many of you at our Open House on May 28th.  At that time the concrete work was just starting.  What a difference in two months.  The walls and columns are up in the lower parking garage, half the floor is poured and the forming for the upper parking level is being set.  We have one more level to construct and we will be “out of the ground”.  Construction activity continues on schedule.

Below are a few of the pictures showing recent construction activity.

  1. June 10 – Several of the footings are in place and rebar is being set for the first walls.


  1. June 24 – Some of the shorter wall sections were poured with a crane rather than a pump truck. This is in the south east corner.


  1. June 30 – One of the many truckloads of reinforcing steel.


  1. July 8 – As the piers and backfilling proceed the lower level garage begins to take shape.


  1. July 15 – Preparing for the floor slab includes laying all the under floor drains.


  1. July 25 – It took 12 hours to pour and finish the first half of the lower level parking floor.


  1. July 29 – A few days later scaffolding and forms are being placed for the next level up.


Please drop by the Sales Office when you are close by and bring a friend, who may become a neighbour.  Keep your eye on the News Section of our website for updates and upcoming events.

Open House – Saturday, May 28th

April 29, 2016

Welcome to Spring!  Flowers are blooming and trees are budding as the weather warms.  We are always grateful to see the new growth again.

Workers on our construction site have been very busy throughout the winter months.  The caisson wall is complete.  Excavation has been completed down to the bedrock in most areas.  The backhoe is now digging out the trenches for our first footings to be poured.  We anticipate the concrete work will start at the beginning of May.

Below are a few of the pictures showing construction during the winter.



Some days there was a lot of snow. Here, the grinder for the caisson wall is being prepared.




Other days were dry and dusty. Here, one of the last caissons is being drilled at the west end of the site.




Most days were wet. The tie back drilling rig is in action on the north caisson wall.




An off road dump truck was used to move most of the material from the west end excavation to the temporary storage area at the east end of the site.




The hard shale bedrock is being excavated with “rock teeth” on the backhoe.


On Saturday, May 28th, we will host an open house at the on-site sales office from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please join us for some coffee and light refreshments and bring a friend who may become a neighbour at the Gardens.  We will have more construction pictures on display.

We look forward to seeing you!

Winter excavation continues

March 7, 2016

By the beginning of March, our caisson wall has been completed and approximately one third of the tiebacks are installed. To accomplish this a trench has been excavated close to the wall allowing the tieback drilling rig to maneuver.  In addition, in preparation for the tiebacks, the round caissons have been ground flat.  The tiebacks will be stress tested before the next operation.

Our next step is to backfill the Phase 2 excavation and dig down to the bedrock for Phase 1 where the first footing will be poured.

We continue to be on schedule with our construction activities.

Look for further updates, when we are ready to pour the footings.



The last caissons are completed.


The trench, with lots of water to be pumped out.  The top of the caisson wall is visible on the left side.


The grinding operation.


The tiebacks before they are drill through the caisson wall and into the bedrock.


Tie backs being installed.