Construction Progresses with the Pouring of Concrete at the Garage Level

August 5, 2016

We hope you are enjoying the nice summer weather with family and friends.

We were very pleased to see many of you at our Open House on May 28th.  At that time the concrete work was just starting.  What a difference in two months.  The walls and columns are up in the lower parking garage, half the floor is poured and the forming for the upper parking level is being set.  We have one more level to construct and we will be “out of the ground”.  Construction activity continues on schedule.

Below are a few of the pictures showing recent construction activity.

  1. June 10 – Several of the footings are in place and rebar is being set for the first walls.


  1. June 24 – Some of the shorter wall sections were poured with a crane rather than a pump truck. This is in the south east corner.


  1. June 30 – One of the many truckloads of reinforcing steel.


  1. July 8 – As the piers and backfilling proceed the lower level garage begins to take shape.


  1. July 15 – Preparing for the floor slab includes laying all the under floor drains.


  1. July 25 – It took 12 hours to pour and finish the first half of the lower level parking floor.


  1. July 29 – A few days later scaffolding and forms are being placed for the next level up.


Please drop by the Sales Office when you are close by and bring a friend, who may become a neighbour.  Keep your eye on the News Section of our website for updates and upcoming events.