New Opportunity – Executive Director Position

June 1, 2018


Organization Description

Maranatha Gardens, Residence & Senior Care (MGRSC) is a not-for-profit Christian aging-in place community that aims to provide a variety of affordable and interconnected housing options. Maranatha Homes is a separate not-for-profit corporation that has been operating successfully for the past 35 years. The new MGRSC Corporation is responsible for the Maranatha Gardens Residence project. The construction of Phase 1 of that project has been completed and preparations are now being made for the construction of Phase 2.

Job Type: Full Time – 3 year term contract
Location: Burlington, ON
Availability: June 2018

Position Summary

The Executive Director (ED) will assist the Board of Directors with the design, development and implementation of strategic plans for the organization. The ED will be responsible for providing leadership for all aspects of the corporation including marketing, financial management and oversight of the Maranatha Gardens Residence construction project.

The successful candidate will have the appropriate combination of vision, leadership, interpersonal skills and experience. In addition to carrying out the day to day duties and responsibilities of the position, these qualities and experiences will enable the ED to support and assist the Board of Directors to develop a formal organizational structure and implement a set of policies and procedures for the entire Maranatha site.

The ED will assist in ensuring that the Maranatha organization is operated in the most effective, efficient and safe manner. An enabling style and people orientation will assist in creating an environment that results in Maranatha being recognized as a location of choice for seniors.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

1. Planning

  • Provide leadership and vision to the organization by assisting the Board with the development of long range and annual plans, and with evaluation and reporting of progress.
  • Oversee preparation of an annual report summarizing progress on all plans.
  • Research and write discussion papers, analyse documents and proposals needed to assist the corporation in determining and reaching its short and long term goals.

2. Marketing

  • Build awareness and project a consistent and positive image of the corporation and its projects and facilities to residents, prospective residents and the broader community.
  • Devise appropriate advertising and public and media relations strategies.
  • Prepare and implement a specific marketing plan for the Maranatha Gardens Residence Project.

3. Personnel Management

  • Recruitment and contracting of staff for organization and project.
  • HR policy development and documentation.
  • Employee relations.

4. Financial Management

  • Provide vision and leadership in long-range fiscal planning to ensure the continuity and solvency and report on overall financial health of the corporation.
  • Oversee preparation of annual budget, regular variance statements and an annual audit.
  • Make recommendations regarding effective utilization of long and short term debt.
  • Make recommendations regarding investment and cash strategies.
  • Oversee fund-raising efforts.

5. Construction Project Oversight

  • Provide leadership and advice to the Board on all aspects of the Maranatha Gardens Residence construction project.
  • Supervise and collaborate closely with the design, engineering and construction management teams.
  • Report regularly to the Board on progress and challenges and recommend solutions to problems.
  • Liaise with City elected officials and staff, industry representatives and the general public with respect to the project as needed.

Qualifications & Competencies

The successful candidate will have:

  • An ability to communicate a strong and thoughtful commitment to the Vision, Mission and Purpose of Maranatha Gardens  Residence & Senior Care.
  • Previous experience and demonstrated accomplishments in construction project management.
  • Previous experience and demonstrated ability in the area of financial administration.
  • Demonstrated effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated effective problem-solving and mediation skills.

Additional Desirable Qualities and Skills:

  • Previous experience and a demonstrated ability to work effectively with a Board of Directors.
  • Demonstrated executive leadership skills with an ability to articulate a compelling vision.
  • Previous experience developing long range plans, annual plans and measuring their progress.
  • Demonstrated ability to shape budgets, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task and team-build in an emerging organization.
  • Demonstrated ability to build strong / effective relationships with a variety of people in a variety of settings.
  • Demonstrated ability to be collegial / visible / approachable.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively delegate and hold people accountable.
  • Previous experience developing marketing plans to both promote and project a positive corporate image.
  • Previous experience with the recruitment and contracting of resources.
  • Previous experience with HR policy development.
  • Previous experience dealing with elected officials and staff.
  • Previous experience in a health care setting.
  • A University Degree in Business, Health Science or another discipline related to an aging in place community.
  • A resident of the Greater Burlington / Hamilton Area.

Download a PDF of this job summary, click here.
Nominations & Applications
Nominations for the position should address the candidate’s suitability. Applications for the position are to include a letter of interest and curriculum vitae. Kindly direct nominations and applications in confidence to:

Maranatha Gardens Search
Mrs. Rosanne van der Woerd, Administrative Assistant to the Board of Directors
C/O Unit 109 – 3260 New Street, Burlington, ON, L7N-3L4

Other questions and inquiries may be directed to:
Mr. Brian Verheul, Ph. # 647-808-7355 Email: