Newsletter Spring 2020

May 11, 2020

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Warm greetings to our residents, future residents and all our investors at Maranatha Gardens.
In the middle of these unknown, strange and for many challenging and unsettling times,
I hope this letter finds you well.
This is our first newsletter since last year and the world around us looks different.
All the more reason to give you an update on how everyone is doing here at the Gardens and how
construction of phase two is progressing.


I am thankful to report that as of this writing no cases of COVID 19 have been reported at Maranatha. Residents, board and staff are all doing their part in keeping each other safe and helping where they can by self-isolating, re-enforcing the government guidelines, making masks for nursing homes, assisting the local foodbanks, and so on.
And what a comfort it is that we can rely on our faithful and loving God and come to Him for guidance, for strength and for assurance during our times of distress.


Balcony Workout

While social activities amongst the residents have understandably slowed down, one great exception has been the ‘balcony fitness program’. This great initiative by Susan Stuart to keep everyone active, physically and socially , received lots of media coverage. You can watch the report by clicking on the image below or here.

Balcony Fitness at Maranatha Gardens


Our Goodbyes to Kirk

Kirk was offered a senior position at the city of Hamilton, an opportunity he could not pass up. We are thankful for all he has done and wish him success in this new phase of his life and career.
My name is Ronald Baayen and I took over from Kirk at the end of January. I’m grateful for this chance, the job and the people are wonderful and I’m looking forward to working with you and
answering any questions that you may have.


Phase Two Construction

Just as we see plants starting to come out of the ground at this time of year, Maranatha Phase Two has emerged from ground level. The parking garage levels are now enclosed with the main deck on, the exterior walls are going up and we hope to start installation of the 2nd floor Coreslab this week.

Phase 2 Construction April 24, 2020

Our partner Demik has kept construction going as much as possible while keeping all their employees and contractors safe.

The pandemic and the cold and wet weather earlier in the year have certainly caused a delay to the schedule, and there are still many unknowns in regards to the next few months. But we are doing all we can to get construction completed as close as
possible to the originally planned date.


Phase 2 Construction April 25, 2020


Sales & Marketing

As reported previously, all units in Phase One and so far 20 units in Phase Two have been sold. Sales were picking up quite nicely after the usual winter slow down and while the pandemic has reduced activity again, Wilf is at his post and we’re fully expecting sales to ramp up again when people can start to move around more freely.
As always, word of mouth is also an important tool.  We encourage you to share information about The Gardens with people in your networks who you think may be interested in moving here.
And make sure you listen to the catchy jingly that plays with our advertisements on 900 CHML radio.


Investment Opportunities

Given the impact that the corona virus is having on the economy, the downward

direction of Prime interest rates in Canada and the fact that we now have a construction loan in place, Maranatha Gardens has temporarily suspended its private loan program. We may resume accepting new loans once things have settled down to a new normal. For any questions regarding investments please contact John Glasbergen, Board Chair at (289) 260-1739 or [email protected] or John Dekker, Board Treasurer at (905) 637-9799 or [email protected]

Maranatha Gardens Phases 1 and 2 - Rendering