Open House – Saturday, May 28th

April 29, 2016

Welcome to Spring!  Flowers are blooming and trees are budding as the weather warms.  We are always grateful to see the new growth again.

Workers on our construction site have been very busy throughout the winter months.  The caisson wall is complete.  Excavation has been completed down to the bedrock in most areas.  The backhoe is now digging out the trenches for our first footings to be poured.  We anticipate the concrete work will start at the beginning of May.

Below are a few of the pictures showing construction during the winter.



Some days there was a lot of snow. Here, the grinder for the caisson wall is being prepared.




Other days were dry and dusty. Here, one of the last caissons is being drilled at the west end of the site.




Most days were wet. The tie back drilling rig is in action on the north caisson wall.




An off road dump truck was used to move most of the material from the west end excavation to the temporary storage area at the east end of the site.




The hard shale bedrock is being excavated with “rock teeth” on the backhoe.


On Saturday, May 28th, we will host an open house at the on-site sales office from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please join us for some coffee and light refreshments and bring a friend who may become a neighbour at the Gardens.  We will have more construction pictures on display.

We look forward to seeing you!