The Structure is Complete

July 20, 2017

For those who have recently passed by, the project is closer to completion each day.  It’s an exciting time to watch the structure go up.  The concrete roof slab was poured in the last week of June.  So the building is now at its full height.

Construction Schedule

The building is progressing on schedule.  Stone work is almost complete.  Window frames, brick work and roofing will be starting very shortly.

The first move-ins will begin in mid-March 2018.  Specific dates will be selected by purchasers in the order in which they purchased.

Storage Lockers and Parking Spots

The selection of storage lockers and parking spots will also occur closer to the move-in date.  Selection will be made by purchasers in the order in which they purchased.

Please be aware that three parking spots on P1 level and two parking spots on P2 level close to the elevator lobby are designed to accommodate handicap equipped vehicles, such as vans with wheelchair lifts.  Therefore, these will be saved for residents with such vehicles.

You may also have noticed that P1 parking and P2 parking each have a separate vehicle entry door.  This means you do not have to drive down through the P1 level to get to the P2 level.

Request for Donations

We are still looking for donations to the community to help create homey common areas.  As you may be preparing to downsize please think of us.   Some of the things we are looking for are – musical instruments (eg: piano and grand piano), books for the library, jigsaw puzzles, board games, computer, tools for the wood shop and craft room, exercise equipment.  Realizing that there are 84 residents coming to live at the Gardens, we cannot accept every donation.  Please send an email with a photo attached of items you wish to donate to [email protected]. We will create a data base of potential donations from your emails.  All potential donations will be reviewed by a Donation Review Committee.  They will look for quality as well as our capacity to accept numerous items.  In the case of operating equipment, safe operation will be a governing factor.

January Meeting    

We are planning a meeting of all residents in January 2018 to get to know each other a bit better and discuss some of the details on building an active community.

Construction Progress

We have included a few recent photos of construction activity below.


Staging for stone, block and brick work started in May with the arrival of the mortar silo.

The sample wall showing stonework, banding and brickwork was approved by the Architect in May.

Clear weather gives a nice view of Lake Ontario from the sixth floor.

The electrical distribution panel on the third floor provides a glimpse of the complexity of the systems in an 84 unit building.

Stone work at the north-west corner.

Monday, June 26 – a major milestone, the last big concrete pour; the roof slab.

When you are out side enjoying the summer months, please stop by our Sales Office.