Underground Parking is Completed

October 31, 2016

We hope you have enjoyed the wonderful autumn weather and the tremendous display of fall colours.

We were very pleased to see many new potential neighbours at our Open House on October 15th.  During the summer months we have made great progress on the construction.  Both parking levels are now complete.  The ground floor will take a little longer to prepare because of all the services on the ground floor level.  These are the items that take time to install but are almost invisible – electrical conduit, floor drains and washroom drains, sleeves for sanitary and storm sewers from the floors above as well as anchor bolts and all the reinforcing steel.  Construction activity continues on schedule.

Below are a few of the pictures showing construction activity over the last few months.


1.  August 12 – Finishing the floor in the west locker room P2 level.



2.  August 26 – The ramp to the lower (P2) parking level.



3.  September 9 – The last excavation for drains in the north west corner was a bit tedious because only small machines could be used. The ramp to P2 can be seen in the background.



4.  September 30 – The same picture with the P2 slab now complete and the walls in place.



5.  October 7 – No-shrink concrete for the external stair sub base is being poured outside the caisson wall. The caisson wall is doing its job of keeping the ground water at bay. One of the tie backs is visible coming out of the water and through the   Our updates back in January and April showed the caisson wall being built.



6.  October 7 – Preparing for the upper (P1) parking level – reinforcing steel and electrical work. The walls supporting the ground level floor are seen in the background to the left.



7.  October 14 – Concrete finishing of P1 goes into the night hours.



8.  October 21 – Looking at the south wall the openings for car entrances for P2 (foreground) and P1 (the pair of single doors) are easily seen.



We are always pleased to see you at the sales office.  Feel free to bring along a friend.