Winter excavation continues

March 7, 2016

By the beginning of March, our caisson wall has been completed and approximately one third of the tiebacks are installed. To accomplish this a trench has been excavated close to the wall allowing the tieback drilling rig to maneuver.  In addition, in preparation for the tiebacks, the round caissons have been ground flat.  The tiebacks will be stress tested before the next operation.

Our next step is to backfill the Phase 2 excavation and dig down to the bedrock for Phase 1 where the first footing will be poured.

We continue to be on schedule with our construction activities.

Look for further updates, when we are ready to pour the footings.



The last caissons are completed.


The trench, with lots of water to be pumped out.  The top of the caisson wall is visible on the left side.


The grinding operation.


The tiebacks before they are drill through the caisson wall and into the bedrock.


Tie backs being installed.